Monday, October 11, 2010

~150 Juta~

Untuk kali ke seratus lima puluh juta
Mereka tanyakan engkau soalan yang sama
“Eh kenapa kau masih lagi mahukan dia?”
“Apa kau buta apa kau pura-pura suka”

Di seratus lima puluh juta kali itu
Di depan semua engkau tarik tangan aku
Yang sedang buat muka kosong tak ambil tahu
Sambil ketawa engkau bilang satu per satu

“Dia mungkin bengis seperti singa”
“Tapi dia nangis tonton cerita Korea”
“Dia mungkin keras bila bersuara”
“Tapi dia jelas jujur apa adanya”
“Aku lagi kenal dia”

Eh dah lebih seratus lima puluh juta kali
Aku pesan padamu apa yang bakal jadi
Engkau dan aku ada mungkin tidak serasi
Engkau sangat manis aku ini pula dawai besi

Di setiap seratus lima puluh jutanya
Aku pun dalam hati semacam tak percaya
Apa kau lihat pada aku jujurkan saja
Terus kau cubit dagu aku sambil berkata

“Sayang mungkin baran tak kira masa”
“Tapi sayang tahan kalau yang salah saya”
“Sayang mungkin saja keras kepala”
“Tapi sayang manja bila kita berdua”
“Saya kenal sayang saya”

Buat apa di cerita
Bahagia kita rasa
Biar tak dipercaya
Peduli orang kata

Baju ronyok tak apa
Asal pakai selesa
Berkilau tak bermakna
Kalau hati tak ada

Aku lebih bengis dari sang naga
Tapi bisa nangis semata demi cinta
Suaraku keras tak berbahasa
Kerna aku rimas gedik mengada-ngada

Aku mudah baran tidak semena
Mana boleh tahan angin cemburu buta
Dan aku sengaja tunjuk keras kepala
Aku punya manja kau saja boleh rasa
Rahsia kita berdua

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Jordi Brinkman, Product Manager for Nikon Europe says: “The D3000 dispels the view that DSLR cameras are complicated and makes taking great pictures simpler than ever before. You can really concentrate on having fun with photography and the Guide mode helps you to get the best results with the minimum of fuss.”

DSLR, pure and simple
The D3000 is designed for anyone who wants to take pictures without worrying about settings. You can select from a choice of subject parameters and the camera will do the rest, and the instant response time means you never miss a moment. The 11-point autofocus system ensures everyone is in focus, and the bright viewfinder means you get what you want, when you want it.

Great pictures, automatically
The 10.2 megapixel sensor, powerful EXPEED processing system and brilliant NIKKOR lenses ensure excellent pictures wherever you are, whatever you or your subject is doing. The comprehensive exposure metering system, ISO 1600 sensitivity and built-in pop up flash make light work of dark places.

Guide the way
For the DSLR first timer, the intelligent Guide mode helps you get the most from the potential DSLR photography offers. It simplifies the camera set up and shows you how to get better pictures. If you want to develop your picture taking, you can. If you want to concentrate on the subject, you can do that too. Either way, the D3000 does it effortlessly and automatically.

3-inch LCD screen
The 3-inch LCD screen means you can share your efforts with family and friends and makes retouching your pictures in camera great fun. Beyond the Guide mode, the GUI menus are larger and simpler to use thanks to extensive use of visuals instead of text. The wide variety of exciting in-camera processing effects means you can get really creative with your pictures and share them with friends and family.

Anytime and anywhere
Whatever you do, wherever you go, the D3000 is a must have for any family event or day out. The camera’s comprehensive technologies and tough exterior are ready to handle whatever your free time can throw at it. The exclusive dust reduction system with Airflow control minimises the impact of dust on the image sensor and its compact size and weight – and tough housing – on both body and lens make the D3000 impossible to leave behind.

Key features:

10.2megapixel CCD sensor. Even in low light the image resolution makes easy work of big prints and sharp enlargements.
11-point autofocus system. Keeps even the fastest moving subjects in focus, often the biggest challenge for compact cameras
Fast response. The start up time and shutter lag means you can capture the shot almost instantly, without the delayed response time common of compact cameras
Guide mode. Simply the easiest way to get great pictures, without having to read the manual
3-inch TFT. With pictures this good, you will need a great screen to share them with friends and family
EXPEED image processing. Exclusive system to deliver rich, bright results close to what you saw with your own eyes
Picture Controls. Lets you set the look and mood of your images before you shoot
3 fps continuous shooting allows you to capture fast-moving action at 3 frames per second
Intuitive ergonomics. We challenge anyone to pick up a D3000 and it not to feel part of your hand
Stylish discrete appearance. The D3000 does not become a barrier between you and your subject, resulting in natural looking expressions
Compact, light and durable. It won’t fit in your pocket, but with pictures this good you will find a shoulder to hang it on
New Guide mode
In-camera guidance is provided by the new Guide mode, which employs an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for first-time users to select shooting modes. Additionally, after selecting an item in Guide mode, camera settings can be further adjusted in order to obtain optimal results.

Nikon DX-format CCD sensor; 10.2 effective megapixels
At 10.2 effective megapixels, the D3000 produces high-resolution images that enable beautiful enlargements without loss of sharpness. Normal ISO sensitivity is ISO 100 to 1600 but for added shooting versatility, a Hi 1 setting increases sensitivity to ISO 3200.

EXPEED image processing system
The D3000 is equipped with Nikon’s EXPEED image processing system. EXPEED realises excellent resolution, long tonal scale, and superb colour while also making possible fast processing of the D3000’s advanced imaging functions such as Scene Recognition and Active D-Lighting.

Scene Recognition System
This feature improves accuracy for exposure, white balance, and autofocus by analysing colour and illumination over the entire scene milliseconds prior to shooting. It then adjusts the camera settings accordingly for optimal picture quality.

Active D-Lighting
The D3000 incorporates Nikon’s Active D-Lighting function which can vastly improve shadows and highlights of high-contrast scenes. Like the Scene Recognition System, Active D-Lighting utilises the 420-pixel RGB sensor to analyse a scene then adjust exposure to achieve images that closely resemble what the human eye sees. During processing, this function also restores details in the highlight and shadow areas of the image that may have been lost.

11-point AF system with Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus sensor module
Employing 11-point autofocus, driven by Nikon’s Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus sensor module, the D3000 delivers fast, precise focus over a wide area of the frame. Four versatile AF modes are available: single-point AF for stationary subjects, especially ones that are off-centre; dynamic-area AF for moving subjects; auto-area AF when you want the D3000 to automatically determine the proper focus method; and 3D-tracking (11 points) AF for maintaining focus on subjects even if the composition changes.

3.0-in. LCD monitor
Image playback and viewing menus is now easier than ever thanks to the 3.0-in., 230k-dot TFT LCD monitor. Text size is also 20% larger than on previous Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Picture Control System
The Picture Control System gives users the ability to customise key digital image capture characteristics to suit personal preferences.Six settings are available: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, and Landscape.

In-camera photo editing
After shooting, the D3000’s photo editing functions allow for in-camera retouching, reducing the need for a computer to enhance or modify images. The D3000 introduces a new Miniature effect under its Retouch Menu that modifies images to look like pictures of miniature models. Each editing function is applied to a copy of the image, with the original left unmodified.

Nikon Integrated Dust Reduction System
Dust reduction is handled by the Nikon Integrated Dust Reduction System. This is a comprehensive solution that reduces the generation and accumulation of dust as well as measures to remove dust. A key element of the solution is the Airflow Control System, which directs dust away from the image sensor. The system also includes an image sensor cleaning function that activates automatically when the D3000 is powered on or off. This vibrates the low-pass filter (located in front of the sensor) to free it from dust.

Superb NIKKOR lenses
The D3000 opens up a wide range of possibilities for creative shooting thanks to full compatibility with the extensive lineup of NIKKOR AF-S and AF-I lenses. From ultra wide-angle and micro to super telephoto, NIKKOR lenses give users the means to explore their creativity to the fullest.

~Semerah Cinta Stilleto~

Semerah Cinta Stilleto mengisahkan kehidupan bahagia Siti Laila atau Stila (Lisa Surihani). Stila dilahirkan dan dibesarkan dalam kemewahan dan segala yang dihajati akan ditunaikan oleh kedua-dua ibu bapanya. Dia juga seorang remaja perempuan yang cantik, masih menuntut di sebuah institusi pengajian tinggi terkemuka di ibu kota.

Leto (Farid Kamil) pula seorang pemuda yang hidup dalam keadaan serba sederhana. Bekerja sebagai penjual ikan di pasar borong dan tinggal di flat murah berhadapan kawasan banglo mewah keluarga Stila.

Pertemuan Stila dan Leto bermula apabila ibu Stila iaitu Datin Fairuz ke pasar membeli ikan untuk dimasak bagi menyambut kedatangan teman lelaki Stila iaitu Raymond ke rumah. Kejadian tidak disangka berlaku. Pergaduhan besar tercetus antara penjual ikan di pasar sehingga memaksa Datin Fairuz membatalkan niat untuk membeli ikan.

Di situlah, Leto terpandang dan tertawan dengan keayuan Stila. Dalam kejadian itu juga, Leto dibuang kerja. Pada malam pertemuan Stila dan Raymond, Stila telah cuba digoda dan dinodai Raymond. Stila lari dan berjalan seorang diri sehingga bertemu Leto dan kawannya Yani (Cat Farish).

Yani sebelum ini setiap hari mengganggu Stila untuk membalas dendam, tetapi mangsanya adalah Leto. Stila menendang punggung Leto sehingga berdarah dengan menggunakan stilletonya. Yani yang terkenal dengan sikap nakalnya telah membawa Leto mencuri kasut untuk dijual.

Kebetulan semula, rumah yang dicuri itu adalah rumah banglo keluarga Stila. Kehilangan stiletto telah mengundang rasa sedih Datin Fairuz dan membuatkan Stila berasa bersalah dan berusaha untuk mendapatkan sepasang lagi stiletto.

Pertemuan semula dengan Leto telah membantu Stila untuk mendapatkan semula kasutnya. Dalam tempoh pencarian stilletto itu, Stila terserempak ibunya bermesra bersama dengan lelaki lain tanpa rasa malu. Melihat sikap acuh tak acuh bapanya, Datuk Azahar akan tinggah laku isterinya, Stila mengikut Leto pulang.

Stila tidak tinggal di rumah kerana berasa kecewa dan sedih. Di rumah Leto, Stila telah bertemu dengan erti kesempurnaan hidup. Namun, hubungan Stila dan Leto mendapat tentangan dari keluarga Stila dan keraguan kedua ibu bapa Leto.

Dapatkah Stila mendapatkan stilettonya semula? Apakah reaksi Stila terhadap segala tindakan keluarganya? Dan bagaimanakah kesudahan perhubungan antara Stila dan Leto? Segalanya terjawab dalam filem “Semerah Cinta Stiletto” terbitan ke-37 MIG production arahan Ahmad Idham.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buat apa terus menipu diri sendiri?

Perasaan yang hadir, biarkanlah..kerna itulah lumrah..
Jangan ditanya mahupun disoal,mengapa?
Benar..perasaan yang hadir itu juga suatu nikmat..
yang harus kita syukuri..
Rasa marah, kecewa, gembira, bahagia dan macam-macam lagi sering mewarnai hidup yang singkat ini..
Jika dihitung, kita kebanyakkannya...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Marah tanda sayang...benci tanda rindu?''

kenapa mesti marah kalau hati dah mula sayang..
mengapa perlu benci tika hati kuat merindu..
ibarat cermin siluman kaca..
menepis rasa dalam bicara..
"Buat tak tahu saja lah.." bisik hati.."Heh,boleh ke?"
Kalau la perasaan ini barang yang wujud dalam nyata kan senang.
Tak perlu lagi nk susah2..Kalau sayang,simpan je elok2..jage baik2..
klu dah x suke, ambik n buang jauh2 sekuat2 hati..selesai..
Tapi, Allah ciptakan perasaan ini sebegini rupa..
Membuai mahupun membadai dalam diam..
Tanpa sedar kita telah jatuh cinta..
terbit rasa sayang..
Kadang-kadang kita tersedar yang kita kehilangan..
rasa sedih pula mula mambadai..
remuk atau berbunga hati hanyalah empunya badan yang tahu..

Memang benar kata orang, musuh sebenar seseorang itu ialah dirinya sendiri..
Selagi mana dia mamapu mengawal dirinya itu, selagi itulah dia tidak akan melakukan kesilapan membuat keputusan...
Andai dia hilang kawalan, hilanglah segalanya..
Pernah berlalu detik gelap dalam episod hidup ini..
Tekad hati untuk mengambil iktibar drp itu..
Hati manusia yang selalu lalai ini seringkali mendorong langkah ke kancah lama..
dah namapun MANUSIA...

Terkadang menungku memikirkan nilai yang masih berbaki dalam diri..
Adakah ini diriku yang sebenar?
Apakah ini yang aku inginkan?
Apa yang aku cari dalam hidup ini?
Soalan demi soalan menerjah masuk benakku bagai menikam-nikam..
Namun, digagahi juga untuk menerima hakikat..
hidup ini harus diteruskan..toleh ke belakang mencari pedoman..
mustahil sekali mengundur masa..

pabila terkenang dosa silam..
adakah kuat peritku untuk pedoman masa kelak?
Bisakah kaki ini terus melangkah berpegang pedoman itu?
Tatkala disapah duri yang memang menanti di liku-liku jalan itu?


Halimatul Saadiah

Kakimu melangkah lesu menuju ke jalan pulang
Kecewa kerana gagal mendapat bayi hartawan
Namun apakah yang akan kau beri sebagai jawapan
Jika ditanya mengapa kau gagal mendapatkannya

Tiba-tiba senyum si yatim itu menyapa
Tergugah deria ibu yang bersemi di jiwa
Biar Muhammad itu tanpa upah berganda
Namun hatimu rela bukan kerana harta

Halimatus Saadiah
Engkau ibu yang bertuah
Kau wanita penerima barakah
Dari desa pedalaman
Daerah di pinggiran
Kau menyusui insan pilihan

Kau pangku dia dan berubahlah segalanya
Badan yang terasa lesu kini bertenaga
Susu yang sedikit itu bertambah dengan segera
Peliharaan ternakan membiak subur berganda

Halimatus Saadiah, kau ibu barakah
Engkau pemula muqaddimah yang indah
Episod awal sirah Nabi junjungan mulia
Kau ibu susu yang bertuah

Pada sejarahmu terukir kenyataan
Tidak kan miskin jika membela Islam
Tidak hina meriba kebenaran yang mulia
Jangan takut jika kau beriman

Lagu : Putra Aiman (Hijjaz Records)
Lirik : Pahrol Md. Juoi (Genta Rasa Publishing)
Penyusun Muzik : Firdaus
Penerbit : Munif Ahmad
Hakcipta : Hijjaz Records Sdn. Bhd.


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